Javier Montoya circa 1978


        Javier Montoya circa 1978

Welcome to Main Street Jewelers...

...Your personal jewelry store where, all our customers have come to appreciate and rely on our expertise, honesty, and exceptional service.

When Javier Montoya moved to California he had a dream of creating a jewelry store for his custom designs.  In 1976 his vision became a reality and he opened up a shop that is now Main Street Jewelers.  With it's opening, Javier made a conscious decision to ensure that each of his customers be treated with honesty, and the utmost reliability, from exceptional service to exquisite quality jewelry.  Javier has held true to his promise ever since.

What makes Main Street Jewelers authentic is Javier's passion for his craft.  From concept to completion , Javier and his knowledgeable staff, which includes a GIA Certified Gemologist, make sure to educate their customers so that they can make the best decisions on each and every special order or purchase made in our store.

Whether it be an engagement ring, an anniversary band, a special gift for yourself, or something for a special occasion, when words do little justice to show how you feel, we assure you that we will make your experience with us meaningful, and memorable.